"How to live together?"


"How social solidarity come into existence in a geography where living together is locked in particular spatial cultural and social forms, can life alternatives that pay regard and adopt to the differences be produced? As an individual what is our part in this process?"

Join us and let's think together with the collaboration of Düzce Umut AtölyesiMülteciyim HemşerimPASAJistCity Link Festival about these all questions!

26 December 2015
Studio-X Istanbul

Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/649514395151146/

Nextistanbul gets 'sivil düsün' EU programme Support


The events and activities organised by next team are now supported by 'Sivil Düşün' EU Programme. Sivil Düşün is a concept programme created by EU, gives support to innovative, fliexible and participative NGO's, social networks, platforms and activists..

"Kadıköy on my mind"

A wish,  a need, or a dream - got something on your mind for the beautiful Kadıköy?
Together with Nextistanbul, the Kadıköy Municipality introduces the "Kadıköy on my Mind" project to gather and work on ideas for Kadıköy.  Contribute with your idea, and we will make it heard.  Catch up with the "Kadıköy on my Mind" on facebook  and stay tuned with the news.

With you on our minds,

The Nextistanbul Team.

Dear Nextistanbulites,

Thank you for your diverse contributions to the “Multiple Modernities: Istanbul” - international workshop with students and experts from Istanbul and Hamburg!


We are currently working on your contributions and will let you know as soon as we are ready with it.  Here you can find more photos and faces of our loyal Nextistanbullers, who contributed to the amazing exchange that took place in the space of Studio X: Istanbul.

Meanwhile, follow us on facebook and don't miss the news about our next online and offline activities.

Curious about the Nextistanbul approach, process or work? have questions or suggestions? or want to support the Nextistanbul team? Write us,  we need you and are always to happy to hear from you!

Your Nextistanbul.

International Workshop "Multiple Modernities in Urban Space: Istanbul"

 Global city, gentrification, queer spaces, housing policy, gated communities, gecekondu – sounds familiar? Are you curious about theoretical perspectives on these topics, want to listen to the experts' opinion, share your own knowledge and look at the topics from the international point of view?

Nextistanbul organises an international workshop with students of the HafenCity University (Hamburg), Istanbul experts, students and citizens.

To enrol in the workshop, send a short email to mail@nextistanbul.org.

Pick and comment on ideas that you would like to discuss, and come to the workshop on the 10th  of June.

Time: from now on; final session in Istanbul on the 10th of June at 17:00.

Place: online; final session in Studio X Istanbul (Meclis-i Mebusan 35a, Salipazari, Istanbul).

Language: English

Participation: open for everyone and free of charge.

Now all of the ideas from our workshops are online!

What's next? Nextistanbul will organise a series workshops to work on five most popular citizens' ideas, after which they will be discussed on the Experts' check, to which we will invite the prominent experts of urban development in Istanbul.
So, check the ideas, vote and comment, to give the green light to the ideas that inspire you most!
And don't forget to post your own idea, if it was not yet sounded - the earlier it is on the website, the higher its chance to get good voting and be actively developed further!
Your Nextistanbul Team.


On the 24th and 25th of November, 2013, Nextistanbul was officially kicked-off!

The Nextistanbul presentations and workshops gathered more then 120 people, whom we greatly thank for their enthusiasm and worthy contributions from the very start! We have already started to put ideas online - follow the updates and share what you think about them!

We are also thankfull to the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP), Studio X and Design Atellier Kadikoy (TAK) for hosting the Nextistanbul with such a great hospitality.

Here are some photos to provide you with a glimpse on how it was:
Nextistanbul at Studio X

Nextistanbul at TAK

Always yours,